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Politician caught dumping cat feces on opponents’ homes

By Mason White 6:03 PM March 23, 2015
Howard A. Shafer 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A politician was arrested on charges of criminal tampering after allegedly dumping cat feces on properties of his political opponents, police in New York said.

Albany County Police said that they arrested 70-year-old Howard A. Shafer on Sunday, when a police officer who was patrolling the neighborhood of one of the victims saw Shafer with cat feces.

Shafer served in the Albany County Legislature. A Bethlehem police officer asked Shafer what he was doing in Trinity Place, which is two miles away from his house.

Shafer replied that he was a politician and was checking up on his neighbors’ homes to see what was happening. Shafer admitted that he just dumped cat feces on a property, and told the officer that he had done it once before.

Police however, said that residents complained about cat feces about 24 times.

One of the victims was a political opponent of Shafer, and another victim had a political dispute with the suspect recently.

Shafer is a member of Bethlehem Democratic Committee.