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Elderly woman lays under bus for 6 hours in protest after man conned her out of life savings

By Mason White 5:57 PM March 23, 2015
Cui Ma under the bus 

By: Mahesh Sarin
An elderly woman caused a major traffic jam after crawling under a bus at a red light.

Police said that the elderly couple of China, who discovered they had lost all their savings to a con man,
staged a bizarre protest.

68-year-old Cui Ma ran into the street and went under the bus while her husband was standing beside the bus with a sign demanding their money back.

The woman and her husband, Shao, 72, said that they had given their life savings to the man, in what turned out to be a scam.

The couple said they were staging a public protest to publicize the fact that they were victims and demanded their money back.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the protest had caused a major traffic jam after the woman got under the bus at the traffic light in the city Tianyuan, Shanxi.

“There were several attempts to get the woman out from under the bus, but she always crawled away from rescuers and refused to move until her husband was given the money they lost,” the police spokesperson said.

The couple said they had lost nearly $3,000 but they did not specify how they had been scammed.

A witness said that the couple was very upset about what had happened and insisted that society as a whole should pay them back.

However, after 6 hours, they realized that they were not going to get their money back.

That is when the woman finally came out from under the bus and police took her and her husband to the hospital for a checkup.

Police confirmed that no charges will be filed against the distraught couple.