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Man releases rat in restaurant to avoid paying for his food

By Mason White 2:58 PM March 24, 2015
Rat illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on charges of fraud after releasing a rat in a restaurant in order to avoid paying for his meal, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

28-year-old Christopher Baker of Houghton, Sunderland, hatched a plan to get out of paying the bill he ran up at Borneo Bistro, a court heard.

After enjoying his buffet, he took his pet rat out from his pocket, put it on the floor, and demanded his money back. Baker screamed about the rat and pointed to where it was sitting on the floor.

Many customers ran towards the exit, and the restaurant staff called in rat and pest control. When they examined the rodent, they discovered that not only did it look like a pet, it also recently had a haircut.

The restaurant owner checked the surveillance video and realized that Baker released the rat. Baker appeared in court and admitted to fraud by false representation.

He was ordered to pay for his food.

He told police that he had bought the rat at a pet store earlier that day as a gift for his daughter, and put it in his pocket before going to the restaurant.