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Man murders pregnant actress and her husband and burns their remains in his stove

By Mason White 5:55 PM March 24, 2015
Cristie Schoen and Joseph Codd 

By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly killing a pregnant actress and her husband, police in North Carolina said.

The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office said that human remains were found inside a wood stove in the house of the suspect accused of killing a television show contestant and her husband.

Cristie Schoen Codd, and her husband, Joseph Codd, were probably murdered three days before they were reported missing.

The suspect was identified as 36-year-old Robert Jason Owens.
Owens is being held without bail on charges of first-degree murder.

Owens did odd jobs for the couple, and Owens texted Joseph Codd several times a day before his disappearance. Owens was arrested after he was seen throwing away stuff belonging to Joseph Codd.

Owens told his wife that he killed the couple.

Owens is also the prime suspect in the disappearance of college student Zebb Quinn, whose body was never found after he disappeared 15 years ago.

Cristie Codd was a contestant and finalist on “Food Network Star” during its eighth season.