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Home Depot employee fired after showing off ISIS tattoo on his lips

By Mason White 11:55 AM March 24, 2015
The tattoo 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man of New York, was fired from his job at Home Depot after showing off his tattoo which reads “ISIS.”

However, the man defended his actions, saying that the tattoo had nothing to do with the terrorist group, but rather the name of his former girlfriend.

Kirk Soccorso said that he got ISIS tattooed on the inside of his lips four years ago, while dating his former girlfriend who is named after the Egyptian goddess of nature.

Soccorso said that he had no idea “until recently” that the acronym representing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, an extremist terrorist group.

So when he overheard a coworker using the word, he decided to show his tattoo.

Soccorso, who had been working in the Long Island store for six months as a tool demonstrator, said that he was fired from his job after showing off his tattoo.

Soccorso said that he never intended to scare anyone and was “just making conversation” when he revealed his tattoo.

A spokesman for Home Depot said that the decision to dismiss Soccorso, was not just based on the tattoo.