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Worm grows in woman’s head after eating live frogs

By Mason White 4:25 PM March 25, 2015
Worm removed from woman’s brain 

By: Chan Yuan
A long worm was found to be living in a woman’s head after she complained of headaches and fainting spells, doctors in China said.

Surgeons in Zhaoyang, Yunnan, said that they removed the 4-inch long worm from the head of 29-year-old Yin Meng, despite fears that the surgery might damage her brain.

Doctors attributed the parasite to the fact that the woman ate live frogs when she was five years old. The woman was found to be suffering from a parasitic infection called Sparaganosis.

The damage to her nervous system is quite extensive, but doctors hope to prevent permanent damage as the brain has an amazing ability to heal itself.

Meng had been complaining of headaches for six years, and had recently collapsed. She was rushed to a hospital, where doctors performed a brain scan and found the worm living in her head.