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Bridesmaid hangs herself after sister’s wedding while still in her evening dress

By Mason White 10:08 AM March 25, 2015
Rebecca Darnell 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman of the United Kingdom, was found dead just hours after enjoying her sister’s wedding.

The bridesmaid hanged herself just hours after the wedding of her older sister, according to court documents.

30-year-old Rebecca Darnell was still wearing her blue evening dress and her jewelry when she was found dead at her home in Addlestone, Surrey.

Darnell, who was known to her family as “Boo,” was described as having been the “life and soul of the party,” at Joanna’s, wedding.

The court was told that Darnell, had an argument with her boyfriend of four years, Carlo Salamone, in a taxi on the way home from the wedding.

Mr. Salamone told investigators that he went to sleep on the couch after they got home from the wedding. When he went upstairs in the morning, he found that the bed was not used and saw his girlfriend hanging. She was still dressed from the night before.

Her family said that they were shocked by the death as Darnell had a great time at the wedding.

Toxicology tests taken after her death showed that she had twice the drink driving limit of alcohol in her system.

Taxi driver Khalik Mea said that the couple had been arguing when he took them home from the wedding some time after midnight.

However, Salamone said that they used to argue when they were drunk, and this argument was no worse than normal.

It is still unclear why the woman decided to take her life.