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Company looking for male brothel testers

By Mason White 2:35 PM March 27, 2015
Brothel illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A company is seeking men who were willing to check out area brothels, according to an ad posting on a website in Germany.

The company is looking for men willing to check the quality of service and sexual practices in brothels in Berlin.

A social media platform for prostitutes, clients, brothels and companies specializing in the sex industry, is looking people willing to do this type of work.

The ad states that the candidate will have to try the service, check the cleanliness and the compliance with safe sex practices in several brothels.

The social media platform is looking to establish a quality rating systems for brothels. Although the main part of the work is to test the quality and standards, having sex is just part of the job.

Not only would the candidates have to evaluate the brothels on these criteria, they would also have to record the performance of sex, which will be published on the website.

Testers must have a clean bill of health, clean appearance, be communicative and enjoy working with people.