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Man kills 5-week-old granddaughter because he didn’t like her father

By Mason White 7:40 AM March 27, 2015
Baby doll illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A man in the United Kingdom, was arrested for murder after killing his granddaughter while she was in his care.

Grandfather Mark Jones, 45, of Wales, allegedly killed his five-week-old granddaughter because he did not like her father, a court heard.

Jones is accused of abusing little Amelia Rose Jones on three occasions, fracturing her skull and ribs, and causing swelling of her brain.

The baby girl was taken to a hospital after the grandfather called emergency services, saying that the baby was struggling to breath.
Jones was babysitting the child at his daughter’s house in Pontnewydd.

Prosecutor Paul Lewis told the Newport Crown Court, that Jones strongly disliked Amelia’s father, Ian Skillern, who broke up with his daughter before the baby was born.

The court heard that the 41-day-old baby suffered violence on at least three occasions, with the fatal blows coming while she was in the sole care of her grandfather.

Baby Amelia’s mother Sarah, was initially arrested along with her father, but the court heard that it soon became apparent to police that she had nothing to do with her daughter’s injuries as she was at a cinema with friend at the time of the incident.