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Mother chokes teenage stepson for picking up dog feces too early

By Mason White 7:43 AM March 27, 2015
Nicole Gamez 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman choked her teenage stepson because he did not follow her instructions and he did his chore on the wrong day.

The woman of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested after choking her 14-year-old stepson because he picked up dog feces at the “wrong time,” police said.

35-year-old Nicole Gamez grabbed the boy by the neck and hit him on the back because he collected the dog feces the day before she told him to.

The boy lost consciousness, police said. When he awoke, Gamez was standing over him. She threatened him, saying that he would not wake up the next time, according to the police report.

Gamez told police that she was sick of the teen “doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.”

This was not the first time that Gamez became violent with the teen, police said.

Gamez often abused him and his younger brother, and locked them out of the house for the night, the teen told police.

The boys were taken to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for an examination and hospital staff found belt marks, which were about 2 weeks old on the 14-year-old boy’s upper left shoulder.

Gamez told police that she beat the boy with a belt after he stole some of her quarters and a poem that reminded her of her late mother.

Gamez was arrested on charges of child abuse.