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Woman forces her daughter to eat cooked mice for breakfast

By Mason White 7:50 AM March 27, 2015
The mice stew dish 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman forced her daughter to eat cooked mice for breakfast so that she could have more energy for the day.

The daughter of China, caused a heated debate online after posting a picture of her mice stews breakfast served by her mother.

The resident of Fuzhou, Fujian, who was identified as Miss Chen, said that her mother insisted that she finish a plate of mice before she left for work in the morning.

Chen wrote that her mother thought that she was exhausted and said that the dish would help as it was “highly nutritious.”

Chen said that at first, she thought it was a rabbit stew. However, after realizing they were mice, she refused to eat it, but her mother pressured her.

“My mother said that she worked hard to pluck all the hair off these mice,” Chen said. She said that she reluctantly ate all mice and then felt sick all morning.

Chen said that her family believes that one mouse is as nutritious as three chickens. Residents in Fuzhou, also believe that eating the feeding mice may help treat hair loss.

Local experts warned against eating rodents.

A professor at the School of Life and Science at Fujian University, said the small mammal can be the carrier of more than a dozen germs and this could damage the health of people.