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Gynecologist drugs and rapes 14-year-old patient

By Mason White 2:15 PM March 29, 2015
Doctor Sohael M. Raschid 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A gynecologist was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly drugging and raping a teen patient in his home, police in Pennsylvania said.

Pennsylvania State Police said that they have arrested Doctor Sohael M. Raschid, after he was accused of drugging and raping the 14-year-old girl, who was his former patient.

Raschid offered to take the child to a school dance, and then told her mother that she could stay at his home. That’s where he offered her a drink with vodka in it.

He told her to drink it because it would give her a buzz. She told police that she started to black out as he took her to his bedroom and raped her.

Raschid is also accused of drugging another patient, whom he had tried to hire for cleaning help. She came to his home to discuss the work and that’s when he served her dinner and a drink.

She told police that the last thing she remembers is using the bathroom. The third victim was a former girlfriend. While visiting his children, Raschid gave her a drug and she passed out.

The fourth victim was also a patient. Raschid was at a bar with her and her husband.

He is accused of slipping something into her drink and then touch her inappropriately while her husband drove them home.

Each victim described feeling as if they had been drugged. During a search of the house, police found a powerful sedative. Raschid’s medical license has been revoked and he is currently detained at the Franklin County Jail on $2 million bail.