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Pizza worker writes ‘fat chick’ joke inside woman’s pizza box

By Mason White 10:02 AM March 29, 2015
Pizza illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman was offended when she found a “fat chick” joke written inside her pizza box.

The woman said that she was horrified by the offensive joke, which was written on the inside lid of the pizza box.

Jo Wedlake of Timaru, New Zealand, ordered the pizza from a nearby Pizza Hut on Thursday night, and she almost choked on her pizza after finding the “fat chick” joke scrawled on the inside of the pizza box lid.

Wedlake and her family placed the Pizza Hut order. When the order arrived she realized that she got more then she asked for.

Wedlake was outraged with the joke that read: “How do you get a fat chick into bed? Piece of cake.”

She described the joke as “totally inappropriate.” Wedlake called the store and told the manager about the offensive joke that came along with her pizza order.

Pizza Hut general manager of operations Jamie McKaughan investigated the incident and then told the woman that the worker who wrote the joke had intended for it to be read by a friend.

However, the box got mixed up and was sent to her by mistake.

McKaughan said it was made clear to the worker that this was “totally unacceptable,” and that further discipline was being considered.