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Man blackmails government officials by photoshopping them in the nude with prostitutes

By Mason White 1:51 PM March 29, 2015
Couple in bed illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man attempted to make a lot of money by blackmailing government officials with photoshopped images.

The man of China, was arrested after he sent pornographic images to authorities and demanded money.

The man, who was identified as Xiao, was arrested after he allegedly confessed to police that he embarked on his bizarre money making plan after running up 100,000 yuan (about $16,000) in gambling debt.

Xiao photoshopped photos of the victim, showing them without clothes and laying in bed with women. He spent 2,800 yuan (about $450) to purchase 28 official archives on the Internet, and he then photoshopped them.

He then sent a photo with an extortion letter to the government official, demanding money in order for the photos to be destroyed.

Xiao ran out of luck when one of the photos fell out of the box. The mail carrier saw the nude picture and the blackmail note demanding payment from the victim.

The mail carrier called police and handed over the package.

According to police, the note read: “Hello, I’m a senior inspector from a detective group. I’ve noticed that you have some dark secrets. If I pass the files to Discipline Inspection Commission or upload them online, your future will be destroyed.

“Please transfer 180,000 yuan (about $28,000) into the designated bank account within two days after you get this package and I’ll destroy the evidence.”