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Drunk soldier slaps flight attendant for refusing to bring him ice for his alcohol

By Mason White 5:32 PM March 30, 2015
Flight attendants illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A soldier was arrested, charged and convicted of assault after slapping a flight attendant for refusing to bring him ice for his alcohol, prosecutors in the United Arab Emirates said.

Now, the passenger who hit the flight attendant during a FlyDubai flight to Alexandria, Egypt, has been sentenced to one year in prison by the Dubai Criminal Court.

Egyptian navy officer M.M., 40, was convicted of assaulting S.A., 26, and causing a disturbance a half hour into the flight. He will be deported after serving his prison sentence.

He was also convicted of consuming alcohol.

According to the police investigation, 15 minutes after the plane took off, the defendant requested ice for the alcohol he brought on board.

The flight attendant explained that he was not allowed to consume the alcohol because he had bought it duty free.

The defendant began yelling and insulting the crew, and when they tried to calm him down and explain that he was breaking the rules, he ignored them.

The flight attendants informed the captain of the situation, and he told them to try to calm down and convince M. M. to hand over his alcohol.

The defendant refused and slapped S. A.

The captain of the plane said that the team had no choice but to be confine the defendant to his seat as the plane made an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia.

M. M. was arrested and sent back to Dubai.