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Rival fire departments show up to fire and start physical fight over who should put out the blaze

By Mason White 10:10 AM March 30, 2015
Fire trucks illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Firefighters from two departments are being criticized after a video was released, showing them getting into a physical fight.

The firefighters were dispatched to deal with the same fire. However, rather than fighting the fire, the firefighters fought each other.

The fight began when firefighters from Mexico’s Heroic Fire Department and Ceda Fire Department, were dispatched to deal with the brush fire in Mexico City.

However, tempers flared when both parties began arguing over who should deal with the situation, and a physical fight ensued.

Passabery Rivas Matos, 25, who recorded the conflict on his mobile phone, said that one group of firefighters started spraying the other group with water, so they retaliated by throwing bricks.

Police were called, but rather than calm the situation down, their appearance seemed to fuel the conflict and the firefighters quickly turned on the police.

Police were trying to separate the two groups when they were attacked by the firefighters, who began punching the officers.

Now, city officials have angrily demanded an explanation. A council spokesperson said: “This was appalling behavior of those we employ to safeguard our city. Instead of behaving like public servants, they behaved like children in a playground.”

Authorities said that they are investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, the two fire departments have blamed each other for the altercation and the assault on the police.