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Woman offered ride in police car asks if it was okay to bring her weed along

By Mason White 11:32 AM March 30, 2015
Michelle Sanford 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman of Florida, was arrested after asking a police officer if it was okay to bring drugs into the patrol car.

The West Volusia woman faces drug charges after trying to bring marijuana into the patrol car of a sergeant, who offered her a car ride, authorities said.

Police were dispatched to a home about 10:40 p.m., for a possible domestic dispute. A sergeant met with Michelle Sanford, who was “extremely intoxicated,” police said.

The sergeant determined that Sanford was not assaulted by her boyfriend, 46-year-old Thomas Laudenslager.

The sergeant asked Sanford if she had elsewhere she could stay for the night. The woman decided to go to her father’s house, and the sergeant offered to take her there.

Sanford, 36, took some clothes and an open beer, which the sergeant advised that she could not bring along, according to the police report.

“Why don’t you take your drugs with you,” Sanford’s boyfriend asked, according to the police report.

Sanford said she would and asked the sergeant if she could take the weed so that she can smoke a joint at her father’s house.

Laudenslager allegedly warned Sanford that if she asked the officer about the weed that might land her in jail.

“It’s just weed and he might be cool with it,” Sanford replied.

After showing the marijuana to the sergeant, Sanford was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.