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Students hack school Twitter account and post racy photo of school principal

By Mason White 3:22 PM March 30, 2015
The photo posted to Twitter 

By: Feng Qian
A school is investigating a disturbing incident, where students hacked the school’s Twitter account and uploaded a racy photo.

Those who are responsible for hacking into the Twitter account of the school in Crawley, West Sussex, published a brazen image of the school principal.

The photo was photoshopped according to the authorities. The principal’s head was added to a handsome muscular body of a man in tight shorts.

Those who follow the school’s Twitter account, were surprised to login and see the face of principal Philip Stac in a well toned and tattooed body of a male model.

The picture was sent with a caption that read: “A round of applause for our glorious head! Been working hard at the gym and got himself a contract with Brazzers.”

Police are investigating how hackers had managed to compromise the account of the school when only a few people knew the password.

The school posted an apology on its Twitter account, and said that it has launched its own investigation into the incident.

The school’s Twitter account has temporarily been disabled after the incident.