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Teacher places his tooth filling in food he bought at store in order to hurt their reputation

By Mason White 1:32 PM March 31, 2015
Teeth illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A teacher was arrested on charges of disrupting the operations of a business after allegedly placing his tooth filling into food he bought a store in order to ruin their reputation, police in Japan said.

The elementary school teacher in Hyuga, Miyazaki, has also told a newspaper reporter about the presence of a foreign substance in a rice ball he bought at a convenience store.

46-year-old Akira Kuroki was arrested by police after it was discovered that he had actually placed the filling in his own food in order to seriously damage the reputation of the store.

Kuroki was charged with one count of harmfully disrupting business operations. The newspaper has also publicly apologized to the convenience store for publishing the story.

In November, a man became angry when he found a tooth inside his Snickers bar.

He accidentally swallowed the tooth, which left him disgusted and worried.

Robert Galvan of Almond, Wisconsin, went to the media after he found the tooth in his snack, the Snickers bar.

Galvan eats 3 Snickers bars a day, but when he found the tooth, he was so disgusted that he was unable to touch another bar.

Galvan believed that the human tooth was logged between the peanuts and the chocolate.

Galvan told reporters that he was deeply concerned about contracting a disease as a result of consuming the contaminated snack.

Days later, Galvan went to the dentist. The dentist told him that a piece of one of his teeth was broken.

It was then that he learned that the human tooth in the Snickers bar was in fact his own tooth.

Galvan knew where the tooth was.

Thankfully, he cleared up the misunderstanding so the rest of us can continue enjoying Snickers bars.