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5-year-old girl finds her lost dog cooked and ready for sale at restaurant

By Mason White 1:34 PM March 31, 2015
Girl crying next to her dead dog 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A little girl was devastated to find her lost dog cooked and ready for sale at dog meat restaurant in Vietnam, according to photos uploaded to the Internet.

The photos showing the 5-year-old girl crying next to her roasted dog, has gone viral on social media sites, prompting animals rights activists to call for a ban on slaughtering dogs for human consumption.

The girl who went looking on the streets for her lost dog, found her pet laying on a pan and ready for sale several days after it went missing.

The girl told passersby who asked her why she was crying next to the dog that it is her pet named Flower.

In January, an angry wife in Nigeria, assaulted her husband for eating dog meat because it caused him to want more sex.

The woman identified as Anwulika of Delta State, followed her husband to a dog meat restaurant to stop him from eating their food.

The woman complained about her husband’s frequent visits to the restaurant, but he didn’t care and continued feasting on dog meat.

On Sunday, as the man was eating dog meat at the restaurant, his wife stormed in and attacked her husband. The woman slapped her husband in the face, knocking the dog meat out of his mouth.

In retaliation, the husband began beating his wife. Other diners at the restaurant pulled the two apart.

The woman said that every time her husband eats dog meat he demands to have sex despite the fact that she is not interested in him.