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11-year-old boy pimps out 8 female classmates and earns $500

By Mason White 8:20 AM March 31, 2015
Kids kissing illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A 5th grade boy managed to make money by pimping out female classmates to boys.

The 11-year-old of Elk City, Oklahoma, has been expelled from school for running a “business” during school hours.

The boy of a poor family managed to convince 8 girls to kiss and hug boys for money.

The director said that the boy was running this business in which he was exploiting young classmates for nearly 3 months, before being caught.

27 boys allegedly admitted that they were paying this “pimp” $3 for a 10 second make out kissing session and $2 for a 15 second hug, which allegedly included groping the girls.

The 11-year-old boy made all the money and he never shared his earnings with the 8 girls he recruited to “work for him.”

Officials estimate that the young boy made about $500 in 3 months from the many children who were “repeat customers.”

Authorities are now investigating the parents. During questioning, the parents strongly denied any involvement in their son’s actions.

The Sheriff’s Department is trying to bring charges against the boy’s parents, who might have profited from the “business.”

These charges include 32 counts of solicitation of a minor, child endangerment and neglect.