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Armed teenagers jump into police car after mistakenly thinking it was a cab

By Mason White 1:21 PM March 31, 2015
Gun illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
2 teenage boys were arrested after they jumped into a police car, mistakenly thinking it was a cab.

The drama unfolded in Brooklyn, New York, after someone fired six bullets around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Plainclothes officers Dalsh Veve and Joel Crooms, who were driving in an unmarked police vehicle, were dispatched to the East Flatbush area after the department’s new ShotSpotter system – which picks up sounds of gunfire – indicated that bullets had just been fired in the area of 980 Linden Boulevard.

When the two teenagers spotted the officers’ car approaching Church Avenue, they opened the door and hopped inside the car, thinking it was a taxi cab.

When the teenagers realized their mistake, they ran away.

Police chased them and caught the two 15-year-old boys. One of the teens handed the firearm to his friend, who threw it into the bushes.

Police recovered the weapon, which had four bullets in the chamber.

Police determined that the gun they recovered was not the one used in the shooting.

Both boys were charged with criminal possession of a weapon.