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Man beats up his pregnant wife after buying him 12 cans of beer instead of 18

By Mason White 6:03 PM March 31, 2015
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By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested on charges of domestic violence after allegedly beating up his pregnant wife for bringing less beer than he asked for, police in South Carolina said.

38-year-old Patrick Donahue Tolbert has been charged with criminal domestic violence in connection with the incident, according to records at the Kershaw County Detention Center.

Officers came to an apartment located at 149 Willow Creek Boulevard, where the victim said that she was assaulted by her husband.

The victim has been married to Tolbert for two years and she is pregnant with his child.

The victim told officers that Tolbert had been drinking all day and threatened force against her if she did not buy a 18 cans of beer.

The victim agreed to buy her husband 12 cans of beer, but he wanted nothing less than 18.

The victim went to the store and bought the beer, but when she returned to the residence, her husband was waiting outside the residence with a weapon.

When the victim stopped the car, Tolbert began hitting the front of the vehicle, causing damage. When the victim began to exit the vehicle, Tolbert grabbed her wrist and pulled her from the vehicle.

The victim was able to escape to the home of a neighbor and called the police. Tolbert then fled the area on foot. He was arrested later that day.