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Mother has her 7-year-old son killed so she can send his body to his father as birthday gift

By Mason White 6:27 AM April 1, 2015
Karina Luna Sandoval and Gonzalo del Rio Hernandez 

By: Mahesh Sarin
An evil mother was jailed after she asked a man to kill her son so that she can send the body to the child’s father.

Karina Luna Sandoval, 26, of Mexico, was sentenced to 42 years behind bars for her role in the death of her young son.

Sandoval planned the murder with her new lover, Gonzalo del Rio Hernandez, 23, after the child’s father abandoned them.

Sandoval arranged for the 7-year-old boy to be stabbed to death and planned to send the boy’s body to her former boyfriend as a twisted gift on his birthday.

The murder occurred when the mother told her son, Miguel Saul, to wait in the courtyard for his father to arrive.

While the child was outside, Gonzalo attacked him with an ax. Family members heard the boy’s screams and came to his rescue.

After being chased and caught, Gonzalo admitted that he and Sandoval planned the murder and were planning to make it look like the work of a mystery attacker.

The murderous couple planned to start a new life without the child.

Paramedics arrived to treat the 7-year-old boy. He was taken to a hospital in Tijuana, Baja California. He was in critical condition.

Despite attempts by doctors to save his life, the child died two weeks later.

Gonzalez told police that Sandoval said: “What’s better than to give the father his dead son. It is something that he will never forget.”

The couple was found guilty in the death of the boy. Sandoval was sentenced to 42 years in prison and Gonzalo receive a sentence of 40 years in prison.