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Man burned alive after being shot with Taser through his car window by law enforcement officers

By Mason White 6:29 AM April 1, 2015
Alex Martin 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was burned alive after being shot with a Taser by law enforcement officers.

The FBI has released the graphic video, showing how 25-year-old Alex Martin was burned alive after he was shot with a Taser by Border Patrol in Pine Valley, California.

The officers attempted to pull over Martin in unmarked cars.

Martin’s family said that had been driving for 22 hours on his way back from Texas, when he got lost in California. When officer attempted to stop him with unmarked cars, he must have been very scared.

After a short chase, the officers used a spike strip to pull Martin over. When he finally pulled over to the side of the road, the border patrol agents smashed his passenger window and then fired a Taser into the car.

The shot ignited the interior and the car exploded, likely due to a gas canister inside the car.

However, rather than help the man escape, dashcam footage showed the agents fleeing the scene, leaving
Martin to burn to death.

The names of the officers were not released.

Gabriel Pacheco, a lead Border Patrol union representative, blames the victim for his own death. He said that Martin’s death could have been avoided if he had just pulled over.

Pacheco said that the proper protocols were followed in the chase in stopping Martin’s vehicle and that the fire posed a high risk to the agents.

Martin’s family is now suing the U.S. federal government. However, the federal government is trying to have the lawsuit dismissed.