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12-year-old girl arrested after defending herself from bully

By Mason White 9:02 AM April 1, 2015
Lacreshia Preston Garrett 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother in Texas, is angry after her daughter was arrested for throwing a book at a bully.

12-year-old Zyria Grizelle was arrested at school for the crime of throwing a book in class.

The girl’s mother, Lacreshia Preston Garrett, said that her daughter was arrested by the Dallas school district police for something that should have been addressed by simply sending her to the principal’s office.

The incident took place at the Thomas Edison Middle School, when Grizelle was being hit by a boy who had bullied her in the past.

As a result, she lashed out and threw a book at him. The book hit a computer, which then fell to the ground.

After she accidentally broke school property, Grizelle was treated like a hardened criminal.

Officers were called to the class and Grizelle was ordered to step outside. She was then ordered to put her hands behind her back and she was taken to jail.

Garrett followed the police car with his daughter to the cell where she remained for some time. The girl cried and was traumatized by the police interaction.

The girl was released to her mother, but still faces charges in juvenile court.

Garrett said that her daughter was a good student and was never been suspended from school.

The mother decided to pull the girl out of the school. She now lives with her cousin in a neighboring district, and attends another school, where her mother hopes she will not be treated like a criminal when she defends herself against a bully.