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Mother grabs knife from supermarket shelf and kills herself

By Mason White 9:10 AM April 1, 2015
Sobia Yousef 

By: Feng Qian
A woman of England, killed herself in an Asda supermarket in front of horrified shoppers.

36-year-old Sobia Yousef, a mother of three children, cut her throat in the middle of the supermarket.

Yousef killed herself in the kitchenware aisle of the supermarket in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

A court heard that she became depressed after the death of her daughter, who she was convinced was the victim of black magic.

Bradford Coroner’s Court was told that on the morning of her death, Yousef sent her two surviving children, Aqsa, 14, and brother Shaweeb, 12, to school before leaving the house for the shop.

Yousef arrived at Asda about 8:35 a.m., before heading down the kitchenware isle, taking the knife and slitting her throat.

Yousef had been suffering from severe depression and psychotic episodes since the death of her 9-year-old daughter Mehwesh, about 5 months ago.

The child died from complications resulting from a congenital heart defect, with which she was born.

After the death of her daughter, Yousef was diagnosed with severe depression with psychosis. She underwent treatment at Lynfield Mount psychiatric hospital after her child passed away.

In an emotional statement in court, Yousef’s brother Ali Imitaz said that his sister made some bizarre and irrational decisions during the course of her illness.