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3 men use children’s day care center to package and sell heroin

By Mason White 4:52 PM April 1, 2015
Selling heroin in child day care center 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Three men were arrested on charges of distributing illegal drugs after allegedly selling heroin out of a children’s day care center, police in Pennsylvania said.

Shamokin Police said that they have arrested Christian Kehler, 37, Ryan Varano, 28, and Frederick Russo, 49, after being accused of selling heroin out of the day care run by Varano’s mother.

They were each charged with criminal conspiracy, possession with intent to deliver and possession of an illegal substance. Jesus Lil’ Helpers Daycare is leased Varano’s mother, Kelly Ebersole.

Vatano told police that on nights and weekends, he and Kehler used the day care to sell and distribute heroin. The men used tables and child seats to package heroin syringes.

On Saturday night, a call was made to the police, saying that a man inside the day care had overdosed. When they arrived, they found Kehler laying on the ground unconscious.

They performed CPR until the ambulance personnel arrived. That’s when police discovered the drug operation and arrested the three.

The three men have previously been charged with crimes related to the sale of heroin.