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Woman urinates in in-law’s tea as revenge for interfering in her marriage

By Mason White 3:31 PM April 2, 2015
Rekha Nagvanshi 

By: Feng Qian
A mother-in-law was horrified to learn that her daughter-in-law contaminated her tea with urine.

Rekha Nagvanshi, 30, of India, was caught red-handed squatting over the kettle by her mother-in-law, who walked into the kitchen and saw her doing it.

Rekha Nagvanshi admitted that she had done the same thing for a year, every time her in-laws came to visit.

Her friend, Alia Kohli, 32 said that Nagvanshi was unhappy with her arranged marriage to her husband Deepak, 34, and left him in Madhya Pradesh.

“Her husband treated her like a slave and she eventually decided she had enough. However, after moving out, Deepak begged her to come back for the sake of their 4-year-old daughter,” Kohli said.

The woman agreed to move back home on the condition that he would do the cooking and dishes, and also massage her feet.

His parents, Suraj, 60, and her husband Ajith, 55, discovered the arrangement and tried to stop it.

The frustrated daughter-in-law did not like the fact that her in-laws are interfering in their marriage so she urinated into the teapot before serving them tea.

Suraj said that they used to visit their son once or twice a week. “Although we knew that she was unhappy, we had no idea she was doing this,” Suraj said.

The in-laws filed a complaint with police, but so far, no arrest has been made.

Deepak left his wife after learning about the disturbing incident.