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Man attempts to jump off bridge with 3-year-old daughter in his arms

By Mason White 8:42 AM April 3, 2015
Deng on the ledge of bridge with his daughter 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was seen at the edge of a bridge with his young daughter in his arms.

The man who was identified as Deng, threatened to jump from the Bayi Bridge in Nanchangi, China, with his three-year-old daughter in his arms.

Police arrived at the scene and tried to talk to the man, who was said to be on drugs, to convince him to change his mind.

His wife and family members were also called to the scene. They too attempted to speak to him. As emotions ran high, the man’s grandmother fainted at the scene.

After several hours, the Deng family finally persuaded him to step off the ledge. His daughter was unharmed.

Local residents filled the streets below to watch the incident unfold, leading to a major traffic jam for hours.

Deng later admitted to police that he had taken drugs at the time, although it is unclear what kind. A urine test showed that he was a long term drug user.