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Woman drugs her married lover and tries to rape him

By Mason White 6:33 PM April 5, 2015
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By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman was arrested on charges of attempted rape after drugging her married lover and trying to rape him, prosecutors in South Korea said.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office announced that the 45-year-old woman identified as Jeon, drugged her 51-year-old lover and attempted rape him after he said that he wanted to end their secret relationship.

According to the police investigation, the two met at a bicycle club and started seeing each other, despite the fact that the man was married and had children.

Recently, he told her that he wanted to end the relationship, and Jeon asked him to meet her for the last time at her home. She allegedly gave him a spiked drink, saying that it will help him recover from a broken bone.

The man fell asleep, and she tied his hands and feet. As the woman was about to have sex with him, the victim woke up and tried to flee.

Jeon hit him in the head with a hammer, saying: “It’s over, I’ll kill you.” Jeon was charged with assault.