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Woman kicks police officer in the groin before offering him sex to calm his pain

By Mason White 5:38 PM April 6, 2015
Beatrize Carrion-Moore 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was arrested on charges of assault after kicking a police officer in the groin and then offering him sex, police in Florida said.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said that they arrested 23-year-old Beatrize Carrion-Moore, after being accused of offering bar patrons sex for money and refused to leave.

Carrion-Moore was charged with trespassing, resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. The incident unfolded at Boonies Bar, which is located at 14555 Southern Boulevard, on Friday night.

Officers spoke with the bar manager, who said that he was having problems with Carrion-Moore.

The manager told officers that a week before, he also had a problem with Carrion-Moore, who performed sex on customers for money.

The woman became angry when she was asked to leave the premises, and said it was not fair. When an officer attempted to place Carrion-Moore in handcuffs, she ran away.

After a brief struggle, both the officer and Carrion-Moore fell to the ground. When officers attempted to place Carrion-Moore in the patrol car, she resisted.

She began repeatedly kicking officers, ultimately hitting one of them and his groin several times. Once secured in the back of the patrol car, Carrion-Moore continued to offer sex in exchange for letting her go.