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Restaurant worker takes photos of man touching himself at drive-thru window

By Mason White 1:34 PM April 6, 2015
drive-thru window illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man in Florida, was arrested after a Wendy’s employee took photos of him touching himself inappropriately.

Orange County deputies arrested the man after they said he exposed himself to drive-thru workers at the Wendy’s on Friday morning.

23-year-old Nicholas Garrison has been charged with exposure of sexual organs in the incident at the Wendy’s on Central Florida Parkway.

Deputies said that Garrison drove up to the window and asked for a glass of water around 1:00 a.m., and when the worker opened the window, Garrison was seen touching himself inappropriately.

The workers took photos of the incident and called police, according to the police report.

Garrison was arrested by deputies and booked into the Orange County Jail.