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Womanizing man exposed when 17 girlfriends show up to visit him at hospital

By Mason White 4:55 PM April 6, 2015

By: Feng Qian
A womanizer was exposed for his cheating ways when he was hospitalized following an accident.

Until last week, this con man surnamed Yuan of Hunan, China, lived off his many girlfriends while making them believe that he was faithful.

The fraudster took tens of thousands of yen from the women while he had been working for an engineering company without obtaining a college degree.

However, that all changed after Yuan got into a car accident and he was taken to a hospital. When his many girlfriends learned about the accident, they went to visit him.

The women met at the hospital and discovered his cheating ways. Yuan met most of the women on the popular social media sites.

The women were understandably shocked when they discovered that they were cheated. Their confusion turned to anger, and the women reported the man to the police.

A police investigation exposed the horrible truth about Yuan’s past. He swindled from his former wife 250,000 RMB (about $40,000) and then divorced her.

He then proceeded to scam unsuspecting girlfriends out of tens of thousands of yen.

Yuan is facing criminal charges, which are not limited to his romantic relationships, but also to his business life. Yuan allegedly lied to an engineering company and gained employment with a fabricated college degree.

He only had a simple high school diploma.