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Gay fathers have 3 newborn baby’s in 7 months after hiring three surrogate mothers

By Mason White 4:22 PM April 7, 2015
Lucas Harris and Daryl Lee, the surrogate mothers and
their babies 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Two men in the United Kingdom, have an instant large family after hiring 3 women to have their babies.

The gay couple is due to become parents for the third time in just a few weeks.

Lucas Harris and Daryl Lee of Surrey, had their first child about 4 months ago. One month later, they had their second child, and they are now preparing for the third baby in 2 months

Lee, 41, who works as a dentist, and Harris, 51, who works as a computer programmer, met in 1999 and became civil partners in 2012.

The couple hired 3 surrogate mothers. Bex Harris gave birth to the couple’s first son named Phoenix Blue Harris-Lee.

Her best friend Viktoria Ellis, gave birth to the couple’s daughter named Willow-Star Shirley Harris-Lee.

Becky Harris, who is the sister-in-law of the first surrogate mother Bex Harris, is pregnant with the couple’s third baby, who is a boy.

The couple’s son Phoenix, was born using Bex’s eggs and Lee’s sperm. Their daughter, Willow, was born using Viktoria’s eggs and Harris’ sperm. The unborn baby was created by using sperm from Lee.

The boys will be half-brothers as they have the same father but different mothers. Their daughter is not biologically connected, but they will all be raised as a close knit family and with lots of love, the two fathers said.