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New York doorman fired for being too nice to tenants

By Mason White 4:25 PM April 7, 2015
Ralph Body 

By: Wayne Morin
A doorman is out of a job because he was too nice to tenants.

Ralph Body was fired from his job as the doorman at a luxury New York apartment building for helping tenants more than his job required.

Body worked at a Queens tower called 27 on 27th since it opened two years ago. The luxury building is located a few blocks from the East River in Long Island City.

Body went beyond the call of duty. He did anything that residents asked him to do, including checking on pets, clean litter boxes, water plants and even showed apartments to new tenants if necessary.

Residence said that they felt very safe with Body, and some said that they chose to rent apartments in this building because of him.

However, his employers were not impressed. They fired the doorman and said: “We know you did it for the right reasons, but unfortunately, you’re too nice to the tenants.”

Tenants in the building blame the Heatherwood Communities management company for firing Body and not the PBS Facility Services staffing company who hired him.

PBS, who originally found Body the job, promised to find him work at a different building.

However, the management company sent an email to tenants saying: “It was recently brought to our attention that Ralph did not follow PBS’s policies and procedures, and after being spoken to several times, it was their decision to reassign him to another building.”

The tenants of 27 on 27th are now rallying to get Body back.