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100-year-old man kills his wife with an ax while she slept before committing suicide

By Mason White 1:35 PM April 9, 2015
Crime scene illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Neighbors of an elderly couple were shocked to learn that they were both found dead in a murder suicide, police in New Jersey said.

Bergen County Police are trying to determine why the 100-year-old husband attacked his wife with an ax before fatally cutting himself with a knife.

Michael Juskin killed his 88-year-old wife Rosalia on Sunday night, on the first floor of their home. He then went to the bathroom and killed himself with a knife.

Police said that the couple had a history of domestic violence. Police discovered the bodies on Monday morning after receiving a call from a family member.

Neighbors said that the husband was often spotted walking around the neighborhood while his wife tended to their garden.

The family spent winters in Florida with their children.