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Model gives boyfriend threesome after being unable to find nice present

By Mason White 1:29 PM April 9, 2015
Daniella Chavez 

By: Wayne Morin
A Playboy model revealed that she gave her boyfriend an unconventional birthday gift.

25-year-old Daniella Chavez revealed how she gave her boyfriend a threesome for his birthday as a gift because she did not know what to get him.

Chavez recruited her friend to take part in the steamy sexual romp as a birthday gift to her boyfriend.

Chavez of Las Condes, Chile, said that she spent 2 days around the mall trying to find the perfect birthday gift, but had no luck.

The day before his birthday, she asked a friend, who works at a mall, for help in finding something worthwhile for her lover. “She said give him a night of passion, a threesome with another girl,” Chavez said.

Chavez said that she laughed at the suggestion and asked where she could find a woman who would agree to have a threesome.

Chavez said that since she never had a threesome, she did not know where to find a willing participant. That is when her friend said that she was willing to join in.

“I told him to come to our apartment, we had a nice dinner and some drinks and then the night began to be hot,” Chavez said.

The man was definitely surprised by the extra guest at their romantic dinner. Then the two women began making out.

Chavez said that the night turned out to be fantastic and worth doing again.