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Woman gives birth to her mother’s children

By Mason White 10:21 AM April 9, 2015
Jenny, Tony, the twins, Maddy and Ellen Brown (from left to right) 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman gave her mother the wonderful gift of children.

A family of the United Kingdom, recently came out and spoke about their unique family, where a daughter agreed to be a surrogate for her mother’s babies.

Ellen Brown of Wales, now 46, gave birth to three children.

When her daughter Maddy was 5 years old, Brown agreed to help her mother, now 65, begin a family with her stepfather.

She gave birth to a girl and boy named Alex and Ruth, who are now 12 years old.

Brown used her own eggs, which were fertilized with the sperm of her stepfather Tony.

The twins Alex and Ruth, are biologically her children and the half sister and brother of her daughter Maddy.

However, she handed over the children to her mother Jenny and stepfather Tony, who have legally adopted them.

Jenny is the biological grandmother of the children and their legal mother.

The twins call Tony and Jenny Mom and Dad. When they were younger, they used to call Brown “Tummy Mommy.” However, they now call her Ellen.

“We have been open with them about where they came from. Maddy who was five when the twins were born, knew I was growing something in my stomach for grandma and grandpa, and when they were born, they were going to live with them,” Brown said.

Brown said that she is very much a part of the life of the twins.