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Cabbie ordered to pay $10,000 for telling lesbians to stop kissing in his car

By Mason White 12:45 PM April 12, 2015
Christy Spitzer and Kassie Thornton 

By: Chan Yuan
A cab driver in New York, was ordered to pay a lesbian couple because he told them to stop making out in his car.

Mohammed Dahbi was ordered to pay the lesbian couple
$10,000 for discrimination.

Dahbi, who is a married father of 4 children and has worked as a cab driver for the past 17 years, said that the women were kissing and fondling each other when he asked them to stop.

Dahbi is accused of telling the women to “keep that behavior for the bedroom or get out of the cab.”

The city’s Commission on Human Rights brought the complaint against Dahbi on behalf of Christy Spitzer and Kassie Thornton.

Dahbi told the judge that he is not anti-gay, and that in fact, he helps at a soup kitchen, which serves gay homeless people.

Dahbi said that he found their behavior “distracting” and feared it would make him have an accident. He said that he also asks straight couples not to make out in his car as it is distracting.

The women however, testified that they only kissed with a “peck on the lips because Spitzer just had massive dental work done.”

When the women did not feel comfortable in the cab, they got out and took off without paying. Dahbi then called them derogatory names and sped off, according to Judge John Spooner’s decision.

Spooner ordered Dahbi to pay the lesbian women $10,000. He also ordered him to attend anti-discrimination training and to pay a $5,000 civil penalty to the city.

Dahbi’s lawyer, Ali Najmi, said that he had never mentioned anything about the couple’s sexuality and has a “standard of decency.”

Najmi is planning to appeal the case and said that “the fine amount is completely unfair given that there was no real injury here.”