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Mob of angry women throw chickens at mother who came to take away her children from polygamous cult

By Mason White 2:40 PM April 13, 2015
Sabrina Tetzner with her children 

By: Chan Yuan
Police launched an investigation after a mother was attacked by members of a polygamous cult because she tried to regain custody of her children, police in Arizona said.

Colorado City Police were blocked for seven hours, until they received a warrant to enter the house of an aunt who refused to hand over children to their mother.

No one was injured. Officers escorted Sabrina Tetzner and her four children through the border of Utah. Tetzner recently won sole custody of her children, aged 8, 9, 12 and 13.

Tetzner’s aunt however, refused to hand over the children, and a crowd of about 50 people surrounded Tetzner’s vehicle. Some in the crowd, mostly women in long dresses, even threw chickens at the vehicle in attempt to intimidate Tetzner.

No arrests have been made. Tetzner left the polygamous cult about eight years ago, but she was unable to take her children along with her.

Tetzner is now married and doing well in the outside world.