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Mother abandons family because she is fed up of raising obese children

By Mason White 12:05 PM April 14, 2015
Madison, Denisa and Andrei with their father Nicolae Marginean 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man in Romania, is angry that his wife left him to raise their 3 obese children by himself.

Nicolae Marginean, 45, of Botosani, said that the mother of his children abandoned them because she was fed up of raising the children who are obese.

The children were receiving treatment to lose weight, but the burden was too much for their mother.

8-year-old Madison weighs 184 pounds, Denisa, 7, weighs 90 pounds, and 4-year-old Andrei weighs 99 pounds.

Marginean said that the mother of his children was unable to cope with the stress of the three overweight children and their special needs. “She wanted to have her life back,” he said.

Marginean is now forced to raise the children by himself. He said that the children miss their mother and this led them to overeat once again.

Now that he is the sole provider for his children, Marginean said that he cannot afford to buy healthy foods that the children need to keep their weight down.