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Woman bashes her Internet boyfriend with baseball bat while meeting him in person for the first time

By Mason White 6:18 PM April 15, 2015
Samuel Campbell 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was arrested on charges of assault after hitting her Internet boyfriend in the head with a baseball bat, police in Oregon said.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said that 26-year-old Samuel Campbell of Adger, Alabama, met 24-year-old Haley Fox of Turner, on the Internet and began a relationship.

Last week, Campbell came to meet Fox in person for the first time. He planned to live with her.

When Campbell arrived at her home in the 7000 block of Lipscomb Road Southeast, he was told to sit down on a chair and to close his eyes.

When she did, she proceeded to hit him on the back of the head three times with a baseball bat. Fox told investigators that she hurt Campbell because she did not want to be his girlfriend.

The victim suffered a fractured skull and required nine staples in his head. He was discharged after treatment. Fox was booked into the Marion County Jail on charges of assault.