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Couple stabs woman after breaking the legs of her chickens

By Mason White 9:21 AM April 16, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A couple was arrested on charges of assault after stabbing a woman who complained about their breaking the legs of her chickens, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State Police said that they arrested 35-year-old Charles Christopher, and his wife, Oluseyi, 31, after being accused of stabbing their neighbor, Glory Ubi.

The incident unfolded on Pasheda Awoyaya Street, when Ubi observed her neighbors breaking the legs of her chickens. Ubi told investigators that she was looking out the window of her home and saw Charles attacking her chickens.

She went outside to confront him, but instead of apologizing, he yelled and stabbed her in the chest. Ubi called the police and he was arrested.

When the woman returned home from a hospital, Oluseyi followed her with a blade and cut her chest. Oluseyi also threw stones at her home and broke a television.

Oluseyi denied the allegations.