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Teacher forces students to write on blackboard why they hate their classmate

By Mason White 9:25 AM April 16, 2015
Blackboard illustration 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A teacher was fired after she forced her students to write on blackboard why they hate their classmate, according to court documents filed in New York.

Madeline Luciano was fired from her teaching job at P.S. 18 in Inwood, after investigators said she ordered her students to write why a 13-year-old girl was ugly, annoying and a phony.

Luciano told the students to stop writing when the child began to cry. The principal of the school fired Luciano, after investigators concluded that the teacher was guilty of employee misconduct.

Luciano is now fighting to overturn her dismissal, arguing in a petition before the Brooklyn Supreme Court that the penalty was too harsh.

The petition asks a judge to overturn the Department of Education decision, which prevents her from getting a job at another school in the city.

Luciano denied asking students to write on a blackboard.

However, students told investigators that Luciano asked for a volunteer to write on the blackboard as students were shouting reasons why they don’t like the girl.

Luciano earned about $72,000 per year.