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Police officer locks up 2 women for 4 days without any charges

By Mason White 1:10 PM April 17, 2015
Ronald Dupuis 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A police officer in Michigan, was slapped with a lawsuit after allegedly locking up two women for several days without filing any charges, according to court documents.

Highland Park Police Officer Ronald Dupuis, has been accused by 2 women of locking them up for four days without charging them with a crime.

Rhianna Turner and her partner Kera Hill said that as a result of the unlawful arrest, they are completely terrified from any law enforcement officers.

The lawsuit names Dupuis and the city of Highland Park.

The women are seeking compensation, claiming that their constitutional rights were violated as the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments calls for not arresting people without any probable cause.

The incident unfolded while Turner worked as a uniformed Parking Enforcement Officer. Her partner Hill, approached and they began to playfully fight over a set of keys.

Dupuis stopped to intervene. Despite the explanations of the couple that they were playing, Dupuis arrested them. They were held in custody for four days before being released without charges.

As a result of the arrest, Turner lost her job.

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