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11-year-old boy arrested for assaulting his classroom garbage can

By Mason White 2:48 PM April 17, 2015
Kayleb Moon-Robinson 

By: Chan Yuan
An 11-year-old boy has been arrested for the second time, and is now a convicted felon.

Kayleb Moon-Robinson of Virginia, got into trouble one day, and his a teacher began yelling at him for misbehaving.

In a fit of anger, Moon-Robinson, who was diagnosed with autism, kicked a garbage can. He did not touch the teacher or another student, just the garbage can in his classroom.

When the school resource officer witnessed Moon-Robinson attacking the garbage can, he arrested the child. Rather than taking the 6th grader to the principal’s office, he was dragged to jail.

Kaleb, who attends the Linkhorne Middle School, was arrested, charged and convicted of disorderly conduct in juvenile court.

A few weeks later, Kaleb was accused of breaking another rule at school, and he was punished. Moon-Robinson was forced to remain in the classroom until all other students left at the end of each period.

However, Moon-Robinson left the classroom before all other students. The principal then called the same officer to deal with him.

The officer allegedly grabbed the boy as if he was a criminal. In response, Moon-Robinson pushed the officer. That is when the officer placed him in handcuffs and he was arrested for the second time.

Moon-Robinson was convicted of felony assault on a police officer. At just 11 years old, this young boy became a convicted felon.