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2 young children die after accidentally riding kid-sized ATV into pond

By Mason White 10:50 AM April 17, 2015
Blake Lee Cronkhite and Jayden James Secrest 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Two families were left devastated after their children died in an ATV accident.

2 young boys were riding a kids size all-terrain vehicle (ATV) when they drove into a pond in California.

The two boys were playing together as their father’s did some yard work nearby.

The boys were identified as 5-year-old Blake Lee Cronkhite and Jayden Secrest, 3.

The boys of Placer County, which is near Sacramento, were driving the vehicle at the 5-year-old boy’s home as their fathers did yard work in the late afternoon.

The boys rode around the property. One of the men became alarmed when he realized he could no longer hear the engine of the four wheeler.

They went to search for the boys and soon discovered them in a pond on the property.

The men removed the children from the water and perform CPR on them. They were transported by helicopter to the UC Davis Medical Center.

Sadly, doctors were unable to save either of the children and they were pronounced dead.

Neither parent has been cited in the accident. California laws mandate adult supervision of children, and a law bans ATVs to be driven by someone under 14 years old. However, the law does not apply to private property, which is where this tragic accident took place.