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Man sets bar bouncer on fire after being kicked out of club

By Mason White 10:09 AM April 19, 2015
Ivan Luis Rodriguez 

By: Chan Yuan
A bouncer suffered severe burn wounds after he was set on fire by an angry man.

Police in Florida, are searching for the suspect who managed to set the bouncer on fire.

Police were called to the Neely’s Grog House at 9:45 p.m. on Sunday, after receiving a report that a bouncer was on fire.

Investigators said that bar patron, Ivan Luis Rodriguez, 45, was thrown out from the club in the evening for not paying his tab.

The bartender told police that Rodriguez, tried to pay his tab with a personal check. She said the suspect checks have previously bounced, so he was asked to pay with a debit card or cash.

When Rodriguez was unable to pay, he tried to hustle other patrons at the pool table. After learning that Rodriguez was trying to make money on the pool tables, he was expelled from the bar by the bouncer.

Rodriguez left, and police said that he returned to the bar with a cup full of gasoline and threw it on the bouncer.

The two men got into a scuffle, and Rodríguez lit a cigarette lighter, which immediately set the bouncer’s clothing on fire.

Rodriguez then drove off in a van.

The victim suffered serious burns all over his body. He was transferred to a burn unit in Miami.

Police detectives are actively looking for Rodriguez, who lives in Port St. Lucie.