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Man kills wife’s lover after finding them in bed together

By Mason White 12:28 PM April 19, 2015
Couple in bed illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A man killed his wife’s lover after finding them having sex.

The lovers were having sex near the woman’s home in Dutywa, South Africa, on Monday night, when her husband caught them.

The angry husband allegedly assaulted his wife’s lover and then held him hostage.

The husband contacted the man’s family and demanded six cows to pay for the damage caused to him and his marriage.

The family of the man offered to give him 3 three cows, as that was all they had. However, the husband refused to release him.

The victim’s family then went to the Dutywa police station to file a complaint. When police arrived, they found the 28-year-old lover dead.

Police spokesperson Captain Jackson Manatha said that a 40-year-old was arrested and will be charged with murder.

“It is unclear at this point what happened to the wife of the suspect,” said Manatha.